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Items Needed Checklist

Income Items

  • Most recent 30-days of pay stubs from your present employer showing year-to-date earnings
  • Name and mailing address of your prior employers covering a minimum 2-year period
  • Signed & dated copies of your Federal Tax Returns (including all schedules) for the previous two years
  • W-2 forms for the previous two years
  • Year-To-Date Profit and Loss Statement signed by your Accountant
  • Corporate/Partnership Tax Returns for the previous two years with original signatures
  • Partnership Agreement(s)
  • Rental/Lease Agreements on any rental/investment property owned
  • Copy of any Notes due you that you derive income from
  • Verification of stocks owned as well as any dividend income you earn from them
  • Verification and explanations for:
    • Commission Income
    • Overtime Income
    • Bonus Income
  • Separation Agreement / Papers
  • Final Divorce Decree / Papers
  • Proof of child support or alimony payments received for the last 6 months (court paid or cancelled checks)
  • Letter from Social Security showing the awarding of your monthly social security benefits
  • Letter from your Pension Plan showing the awarding of your monthly benefits for pension

Credit Items

  • Name and address of current landlord or present mortgage holder / land contract holder
  • Letter of explanation for any of the following:
    • Slow payments  
    • Foreclosure
    • Judgments / Liens
    • Bankruptcy
    • Credit Inquiries
  • Copy of Bankruptcy Petition, All Schedules, Notice of Discharge and a Written Explanation

Other Items

  • Copy of the Deed showing Ownership in Property (if a refinance)
  • Copy of Original Purchase Contract with all exhibits, attachments and addendums on home being purchased
  • Closing statement on sale of current or previous property
  • Completed and Signed Gift Letter on form provided by WesBanco Bank
  • Copy of Purchase Contract on current home that you are selling
  • Copies of the last two month's account statements for all deposit accounts listed on the loan application (all pages)
  • Copy of your DD 214 form
  • Copy of your Certificate of Eligibility form
  • Copy of your current driver's license - for each borrower involved; check to make sure it is not expired
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